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Can I Use an Assessment in Court?

For those who are unfamiliar, an assessment is a helpful tool used by people in many situations. People can be assessed for a wide variety of things at US Court Assessments, including behavioral and mental health issues, substance abuse issues, domestic violence, and anger management. A DUI assessment is used in situations where someone has been arrested for a DUI offense.

US Court Assessment’s evaluation process starts with a short online questionnaire. Afterward, a professional evaluator will interview you after reviewing your questionnaire. From there, they will send you a comprehensive report, written to meet the standards required for court or workplace situations.

A professional assessment completed by a qualified evaluator can help your case in court following a DUI or alcohol-related driving offense. Even if you are not required to get an assessment, it may still benefit you to get one done for many reasons, including:

In general, an assessment can only help you, not hurt your case, in court. The decision to get an assessment is typically proactive and shows an investment in improving your behavior. This can signal a desire to avoid reoffending and make proper restitution for the offense.

Ensuring your Assessment is Accepted by the Court

One thing to consider when spending your money and time on assessment is their acceptance rate in court. Assessments can be costly, and time-consuming, so having an assessment rejected is a very unfortunate occurrence. US Court Assessment’s evaluations are virtually always accepted, meaning it’s rare for any of our reports to be rejected. If they are, our evaluators are usually able to work with the court to provide the necessary changes for acceptance or provide a prompt refund.

Here are some other factors that can ensure your report is accepted:

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