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Why Did My Attorney Suggest I Get a Substance Use Assessment?

If your attorney has recommended you undergo a substance use assessment, but the court has not, you might be wondering why. There are many reasons why an assessment might be desirable as you approach your court case, and your attorney is aware of that.

Often, substance use assessments are recommended following incidents like drunk driving, drunk and disorderly, or other crimes related to substance abuse. The purpose of the assessment is to ascertain the level of your substance use and the role it plays in your life. Your attorney is likely recommending you undergo an evaluation because it will benefit you in a number of ways. They include:

If you are in need of an assessment ahead of your court date, US Court Assessments can help. You can receive your completed assessment just 5 business days after your evaluation. We also offer rush services for an additional fee if you need a quick turnaround to meet a court deadline.

Our evaluators are qualified professionals who will not judge you. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions about assessments. Simply call us at (833) 446-3100 or, if you know what assessment you need, you can get started right now.

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